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Highwaymen Art, A.E. Backus Art, and Other Art by Various Florida Artists can be Found Using Highwaymen Art Specialists Inc. as Your Art Resource

Highwaymen Art Experts at Highwaymen Art Specialists Inc. Have the Experience and Knowledge to Help you Start or Complete Your Art Collection

Highwaymen art has been capturing the hearts and minds of Floridians
since the 1950s and Highwaymen Art Specialists Inc. is your resource on this subject. We specialize in Highwaymen art, A.E. Backus art, and other art by various Florida artists.  Therefore, we can successfully help you buy the art you are looking for and leave you with the confidence of knowing that you are receiving what you pay for.

We are located in the Ft. Pierce, Vero Beach area, which is where Florida Highwaymen art actually originated and we have over 10 years of experience in dealing with a variety of pieces of artwork. Our auctions are held at various venues across the state of Florida and we always have staff on hand to accurately appraise any artwork that you may be interested in selling.

Because of our location, we have been able to amass a huge collection of rare Florida Highwaymen art pieces and we are always looking to acquire more. Highwaymen Art Specialists Inc. has dealt with thousands of Highwaymen art pieces and we can help you authenticate and validate a Florida Highwaymen painting by telling you if the signature is real, what medium the painting was done on, and even let you know the exact era that the piece is from.

Over the past decade we have worked with countless individuals and corporations in order to help them start or complete their art collections
and we want to help you as well. We treat each client with the respect and courteousness they deserve and we know that our success hinges on finding you the perfect artwork at the perfect price.

Whether you are looking for Florida Highwaymen art, A.E. Backus art, or any other type of art we can help you. From one Florida Highwaymen painting to an entire collection, our knowledge and dedication allows us to confidently help you fulfill your art collecting desires. Let Highwaymen Art Specialists Inc. help you today.

For Additional Information, Please Call Us at 772-473-2507

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